Appendix to the application for the resumption of studies for the diploma exam
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Application for installment
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Application for refund
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Request for duplicate of students ID card
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How can I get a student ID card?
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Survey - evaluate teaching process at the Faculty
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Abstract EN
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Abstract PL
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Application for admission to the diploma examination
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Form of Issuing of the Diploma Topic BSc
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Form of Issuing of the Diploma Topic MSc
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Information on the diploma thesis exams terms in the summer semester 2022-2023
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Principles of issuing of topics of diploma thesis
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BSc, diploma thesis ZBO
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BSc, diploma thesis ZGMiBP
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BSc, diploma thesis ZIPiZwB
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BSc, diploma thesis ZKB
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BSc, diploma thesis ZKM
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BSc, diploma thesis ZMTNDS
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MSc, diploma thesis ZBO
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MSc, diploma thesis ZGMiBP
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MSc, diploma thesis ZKB
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MSc, diploma thesis ZKM
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MSc, diploma thesis ZWMTSiP
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Internship Coordinator
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Internship LOGBOOK
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Internship programme
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Trainee certificate
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