Erasmus Programme

First of all please note, that due to epidemic development, next semester could be organised as online courses, lessons, lectures.
Very sorry for that, but due to unknown situation it could be one and only solution.

WUT and the coronavirus – key information here:

The enrolment to Erasmus+ programme at the Faculty of Civil Engineering:


The deadline for applications: winter semester is 31st May, summer semester is 30th November.

Required documents

The candidate must fill the documents and send the scans of the following documents by e-mail.


All of this documents should be accepted and signed by your home Coordinator.
Please find Learning Agreement and Student Application Form.

It is possible to receive a letter of acceptance, after providing all the required documents.
After acceptance we will send electronic personal survey for registration:

  • Required information:
    • Personal data
    • Electronic photo in jpg format – for the student card

Subjects in English and study programmes

It is advisable to check the availability of subjects and the subjects description on our website first and then prepare the Learning Agreement.

! Important information !

a) About “Elective Courses”

  • Only two or three of all offered “Elective Courses” (on each semester) are opened, depending on number of students voting for it.
  • Therefore there is a possibility that chosen subject would not be open and student would have to replace it by another ones, which have been chosen by most of the students.
  • Information about opened EC is published in first 2 weeks of semester.

b) About Specialities

  • The same situation applies to specialities in 7th and 8th semesters of bachelor study cycle.
  • Only one of three specialities (Civil Engineering Structures, Construction Engineering and Management, Sustainable Building) is open per year.
  • Mostly it is Civil Engineering Structures.

c) Any other “Obligatory Courses” are always available.

  • The exact information about subjects you will find here:
  •   (choose proper study cycle- Bachelor or Master)
  • Please choose subjects only from one, relevant semester, to avoid overlapping of lectures time (semesters no 1,3,5,7 are winter semesters and 2,4,6,8 are spring semesters)


Please be informed that only the Student’s Union is responsible for student dormitories, for allocation of all rooms in dormitories among polish and international students.

You can find their contact details below:

Website:,detail:4484501  and
Address: Main building of Warsaw University of Technology, room 165, Plac Politechniki 1, 00-661 Warsaw / Poland
e-mail address:

Erasmus Buddy and ESN

ESN is Exchange Student Network – group of volunteer students who organise many interesting events for all Erasmus Students in our University and also help to organise first days in Warsaw.

Here is their Facebook group

We also advise you to apply for Buddy – Student from WUT who will help you to accommodate in our University.

More information here:

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Erasmus Office.

What next after your arrival to Warsaw:

What next?

What DO YOU HAVE to do after your arrival to Warsaw?

  1. Come to our Office to sign a Certificate of Arrival,
    It is obligatory to register you in USOS.
  2. Check your timetables on our website:
  3. Start attending classes included in your Learning Agreement beginning from 20 February 2021.
  4. Come to our Organizational Meeting to get necessary information.
  5. Wait for e-mail with logins and passwords to USOS system.
  6. Wait for instructions about payment for the student card, and wait for it (about 1-2 weeks).
  7. Wait for e-mail with information where and when you can receive your student card.
  8. Do not worry about anything and ask about any doubts 


What DO WE DO FOR YOU after your arrival to Warsaw?

  1. We register you in our academic USOS system.
  2. We generate your logins and passwords to USOS system.
  3. We order and print your Student Card.
    It usually take 1 or 2 weeks, so please buy a regular/normal ticket for first two weeks of your mobility. We will inform you when your student cards will be ready.
  4. We register you for your classes based on your Learning Agreement.
    To be registered for classes you have to inform us, that you will not do any more changes in your LA. After providing us your FINAL LA and informing by e-mail that you want to be registered for mentioned classes, and you are not planning any changes we will do it

Na samym początku prosimy o zapoznanie się z podstawowymi informacjami na temat programu Erasmus+ na stronie:

Na naszym wydziale dostępne są dwa rodzaje mobilności z programu Erasmus+

Wyjazdy studentów i doktorantów na studia do innych krajów (SMS) na okres od 3 do 12 miesięcy.

Wyjazdy studentów i absolwentów na praktyki i staże do innych krajów (SMT) na okres od 2 do 12 miesięcy.

For outgoing and incoming students

E01. Learning agreement studies form
Download 177.5 KB
E02. Student application form
Download 29.9 KB


For outgoing students

PL00. Wyjazdy na studia z programu ERASMUS WIL
Download 214 KB
PL01. Karta zaliczeń (Erasmus+)
Download 27.5 KB
PL02. Karta zaliczeń (Erasmus+) - wzór
Download 121.3 KB
PL03. Wzór rezygnacji
Download 40 KB
PL04. Praktyka - Podanie o zgodę na wyjazd
Download 19 KB
PL05. Praktyka - Formularz aplikacyjny
Download 34.2 KB
PL06. Praktyczne wskazówki - Learning agreement
Download 739.4 KB
PL07. Kody uczelni Erasmus+
Download 677.9 KB
PL08. Upoważnienie
Download 26 KB
Download 122.1 KB
PL10. Lista uczelni ERASMUS PW WIL 09.2019
Download 622 KB


For incoming students

E03. INSTRUCTION after arrival, incoming students
Download 45.2 KB
E04. Student Card – instruction
Download 732.2 KB
E05. WUT Academic Calendar 2020_2021
Download 296.8 KB
E06. WUT Arrival Info-Pack
Download 4.6 MB
E07. Students-Guide-in-Poland
Download 6.7 MB


PL10. Lista uczelni ERASMUS PW WIL 09.2019
Download 622 KB
PL07. Kody uczelni Erasmus+
Download 677.9 KB

Erasmus Coordinator

Professor Jan Król

PhD, DSc
Associate Professor

Room: 540
Phone: +48 22 234-56-74

Erasmus Office

Office hours for students
Mondayremote work
Wednesdayremote work
Fridayremote work


Dear Students!

Caring for the health of students and University staff, the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Civil Engineering WUT works online.

The latest information related to the COVID-19 situation and the work of the Warsaw University of Technology are available on the university’s website.

In the current issues related to stay within the Erasmus Program at the Faculty of Civil Engineering WUT and recruitment please contact e-mail:

Wszelkie pytania związane z programem Erasmus+ proszę kierować na poniższy e-mail (nie odpowiadamy na pytania wysyłane na e-maile osobowe):

Recruitment for Erasmus+ 2021/2022 - appointment March 8, 18:00 h

08.03.2021 r. godz. 18:00
Spotkanie informacyjne Erasmus+ (edycja 2021)
Spotkanie aplikacji Microsoft Teams
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