Student Organizations

On the Faculty, there are various science clubs and student organizations. They represent different science fields and social and cultural activities related to the University.


ESTIEM is an international association representing young people who get their education at technical universities all over Europe. It was founded in Nederlands in 1990; currently, it associates over 45,000 students in 25 European countries (66 local representations). ESTIEM’s primary goal is to unite and educate European management and engineering students in industry and create a background for cooperation between enterprises, students, and the academic community.


NZS is one of Poland’s oldest and most dynamically active student organizations. It works to deepen democracy in the academic community and protects the material, social and cultural interests of students and academic families. The Association initiates, supports, and conducts the students’ scientific, cultural, and artistic activities and organizes sports events and summer and winter holiday camps.


BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) is an international students organization associating 96 technical universities in over 30 European countries. There are six local groups in Poland – one of them operates at the Warsaw University of Technology. Its primary goal is to educate a new generation of euro-engineers. It helps students search for internships and jobs and informs students about the requirements set by enterprises and current recruitment methods. It organizes language courses, student internships, and many entertainment events.


The IAESTE Local Committee at the Warsaw University of Technology is a member of the international organization IAESTE (The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience), operating in almost 90 countries. Its main goal is to implement an international student exchange program and enable apprenticeships. Every year, the Local Committee at the Warsaw University of Technology enables several dozen students of our University to complete an apprenticeship.


The University Club of the Academic Sports Association (AZS) of the Warsaw University of Technology is one of the leading academic clubs in Poland, which conducts classes in so many sports disciplines. The players of UC AZS WUT take part in the Academic Championships of Warsaw and the Masovian Voivodeship. Taking medal places in the general classification of these games brings pride to our University. The activity of UC AZS WUT allows presenting the image of the Warsaw University of Technology not only as an excellent technical university but also as a university with a high sports level. UC AZS WUT offers students training under the supervision of professionals-coaches in the following sections: judo, athletics, football, handball, swimming, tennis, table tennis, rowing, powerlifting, volleyball, basketball, badminton, rowing ergometer, sports aerobics, ice hockey, cycling, skiing and more.