2nd degree (Master)

What will I learn?

  • Design of complex civil engineering structures, with a special focus on innovative solutions.
  • Finding solutions to complex designing, organizational and technological problems.
  • Development and realization of research programmes, including a team management.
  • Application of advanced computational techniques used in civil engineering.


How will I achieve my learning goals?

  • A wide-ranging study programme .
  • Experienced teachers.
  • A variety of practical courses, including projects, tutorials and laboratories.
  • A wide choice of specialities and specializations.
  • Participation in research projects.
  • A variety of student research clubs and organizations.


What can I do after graduation?

  • Manage a design or construction firm.
  • Manage a construction site, construction works or building elements manufacturing.
  • Hold a managerial position in construction companies.
  • Apply for an unlimited building license.
  • Pursue doctoral studies.