Diploma exam during COVID-19

Diploma exam during the period of constrained functionality of the university due to preventing, counteracting and combating COVID-19

During the above-mentioned period of constrained functionality of the university, diploma examinations will be held remotely in accordance with the Regulation No. 99/2020 of the Rector of Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), dated, September 29, 2020.

Rules on the conduct of remote diploma examinations:

  1. No later than 4 weeks before the end of writing the diploma thesis, the Student sends to the Dean’s Office at the following address obrony.zdalne@il.pw.edu.pl a scan of the current Form of Issuing of the Diploma Topic.
  2. At USOSweb, the Student checks whether all the total and component grades for the subjects completed during the studies are correctly entered and whether the USOSweb contains correct data, i.e. first name or names and surname.
  3. After the Dean’s Office has entered the topic of the thesis into the USOS (the Dean’s office will complete the data within 10 working days), the Student is able to complete the necessary information in the Archives of Diploma Theses https://apd.usos.pw.edu.pl/ and upload files, and then send the thesis for approval by the Supervisor.
  4. The supervisor checks the thesis in the Unified Anti-plagiarism System, then returns it for correction or accepts and evaluates it.
  5. After the supervisor has issued the review at the APD, the Student delivers the application for the diploma examination remotely and the complete set of other required documents to the Dean’s Office on a previously agreed date and collects the covers or sends the originals by mail (in exceptional circumstances, in the event of a problem with collecting the covers, the student may collect them on the day of delivery of the printed diploma thesis).
  6. The student submits a printed diploma thesis to the Dean’s Office not later than on the exam day.