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The Division of Metal Structures leads courses in the fields of Metal Structures, Industrial and Special Structures, and Building Materials (in the part related to technology of metals) on the majority of semesters of full-time intramural undergraduate (the first degree) and graduate (the second degree) studies, as well as of extramural studies. Within the framework of didactic activities, all obligatory courses on design of metal structures as well as many elective courses related to the problems of fabrication and execution of metal structures, building facades, etc. are carried out by the Division. Elective courses are generally associated with practical learning of the construction in plants of steel structures fabrication and on building sites. An important and significant part of the division didactic activity is supervision of diploma theses; many of them were awarded in prestigious competitions for diploma undergraduate and graduate theses. The division is also involved in conducting courses for PhD students (the third degree studies). The Division of Metal Structures houses the Scientific Student’s Group of Metal Structures, activities of which can be found at website: http://wektor.il.pw.edu.pl/~knkm/.

A significant part of all activities conducted by the Division of Metal Structures is related to research work aimed at the development of metal and composite structures. One of the areas of this activity is related to joints in steel and composite structures as well as metal-glass connections of building facades. A substantial amount of work is concerned with mixed and composite steel-concrete structures, namely composite beams, beam-to-column joints cooperating with reinforced concrete slab cast on trapezoidal steel sheeting, as well as steel closed section and quasi-closed battened columns filled with concrete. A part of experimental investigations is conducted in collaboration with the Division of Concrete Structures. The important activity of the Division is related to the monitoring of performance of steel structures subjected to various actions, such as wind loads and temperature imposed actions.

The division staff conducts a number of investigations in cooperation with foreign research institutions. In the years 2008-2012 research projects in cooperation with CSIR in Pretoria, RSA have been carried out, as part of the scientific and technical cooperation agreement between the governments of Poland and South Africa. Research activities have been concerned with wind tunnel investigations of wind pressure on tall buildings.

3D model of high-rise building tested in CSIR wind tunnel in Pretoria

The Division of Metal Structures participates also in international educational projects. In the years 2011-2013 the project SKILLS (Steel Construction Industry Life-long Learning Support) within the Leonardo da Vinci Life-long learning programme have been realized. The leader of the project is CTICM (Centre Technique Industriel de la Construction Métallique), in collaboration with PIKS and ASCEM, the steel fabricator associations in Poland and Spain, Warsaw University of Technology, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and ConstruirAcier, the steel construction promotional organization in France. The aim of the SKILLS project is to assist training providers in France, Poland and Spain meet the substantial needs of the steel construction industries in these countries, arising from the changes in working practices due to implementation of the Eurocodes.

Another field of activity of the Division of Metal Structures is a participation in projects of the COST Programme within the framework of European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research, for example: TU0601 „Robustness of Structures” (2008-2011) and currently TU0904 „Integrated Fire Engineering and Response” (2011-2014).

Recently, the important field of activities of the Division of Metal Structures is related to monitoring systems of safety and serviceability of building structures, prototypes of which are developed in collaboration with partners belonging to medium and small scale sector of national economy. Within the range of this activity the Centre for Technical Monitoring of Building Structures was established at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. A WiSeNeMONIT prototype was developed within the framework of research project MONIT„Monitoring of Technical State of Construction and Evaluation of its Lifespan”, conducted in the years 2008-2012 and financed by NCBiR (National Centre for Research and Development) in cooperation with the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy.

Schematic diagram of the installation of WiSeNeMONIT monitoring system

The Division staff is recently involved in research related to nuclear energy, participating in the project financed by NCBiR and entitled „Analysis of possibilities and criteria for the participation of Polish industry in the development of nuclear energy".

A number of staff members have been elected to seat in national bodies of experts, among others in the Section for Metal Structures in the Committee of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences (KILIW PAN), the Science Committee of the Polish Association of Civil Engineers and Technicians (PZITB) and the Technical Committees of the National Standardization Committee (PKN).

The Division of Metal Structures and the Division of Concrete Structures have in their disposal the laboratory equipment enabling experimental tests in technical scale of steel, steel-concrete and concrete members and sub-structures subjected to bending, compression and tension.

Specimen of tested beam-to-column joint

In addition, the Division of Metal Structures holds a laboratory, in which experimental tests of connections and structural members of a smaller size can be realized.

Specimen of a sub-frame braced system

The Division staff conducts also extensive expertise and project activities. They are concerned with technical opinions and expert activities provided on requests of courts, prosecution offices, and other building sector institutions and companies. The Division staff participates in realization of new design projects and modernization works in various fields of construction industry, from typical residential buildings, through complex public buildings and industry buildings to specialized, complex engineering structures.

 Steel-glass dome – an example of engineering activity of the Division of Metal Structures

The historic steel structure – an example of expert activity of the Division of Metal Structures

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